Shipment Hours & Service Time:

We are open 24’7, we may be closed on public holidays that we will always update on our website.

When does Vship start & stop delivering?

We usually deliver Monday-Friday from 8 am to 8 pm. And for residential deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays. If you receive a message that Vship (DHL, UPS, and FedEx) will deliver your package by the end of the day, your package must arrive by 8 pm. On the date of delivery.

Track packages easily:

Packages are easy to track with Vship Express. Locate your Vship package using the tracking number, track by reference, or track by Traffic Control Number (TCN). You can also track using the Vship office order number or the number on your door tag. Use one of the convenient options below to get information about your upcoming delivery.

Track your package:

  • By visiting our tracking web application.
  • By downloading the Vship Express mobile app, entering your tracking number, or scanning the barcode on your door tag, you will receive specific information about the missed shipment and your available delivery options.
  • By “following” and texting your door tag number to our contacts.

Track, where is your parcel?

Since so many packages are coming to you this cool season, it is important to understand their tracking status. Read full and learn more about how to track your package and understand its tracking status.

Understand tracking delivery status and terms

What does it mean if,

1. I receive a message, “My parcel is in transit?”

In transit means your package is moving towards the final destination. This does not mean that your package is in a moving vehicle such as a plane or truck. This may be at the Vship facility.

2. I receive a message that says, “Parcel is out for delivery?”

Out for delivery means that your package is scanned by the package handler and placed on the pallet to be loaded into a Vship truck for delivery. You can check the estimated time your package will be delivered online, which will make it easier to plan your delivery.

3. I receive a text that says, “There is no scheduled delivery date at this time?”

No scheduled delivery date at this time means an estimated delivery date may not be available at this time or the package is not yet available at Vship. In the event of a shipment delay or maintenance exception, we may not be sure when we expect the package to be delivered. Delivery commitment varies depending on the type of delay and our effort to minimize delays.

4. I receive a text that says, “My scheduled delivery is on hold?”

A scheduled delivery is now on hold which means all efforts are being made to have your package delivered as soon as possible. Delivery commitments vary depending on the type of delay and our efforts to minimize delays. Please continue to use your tracking number to access the latest information about your package. Learn more about your upcoming delivery by visiting Vship Tracking or Vship Delivery Manager.

5. I receive a text that says, “Delivery exception?”

Delivery Exception means that an unforeseen event is preventing your package delivery. Some examples of delivery exceptions are customs delays, vacation termination effects, missing documentation, or other conditions. To get more information about the status of your package, sign up for Vship Express Delivery Manager.

6. My shipment and parcel are not moving?

Every shipment receives updates at various points along the way between pickup and delivery. Scan frequency varies and it is not uncommon for shipments to spend more than 24 hours without updates on their route, especially during longer voyages.

Service Disruptions & Delays

Random & uncontrollable situations such as weather, natural disasters, and local restrictions on COVID-19 can disrupt delivery schedules. Learn the latest service alerts or sign up for alerts on service delays and interruptions to take a step forward.

Receive A Door Tag For A Missed Delivery

The door tag may remain if you are not at home and your signature is required for your delivery. The door tag will also be dropped if the courier cannot find a safe place to leave your package. View the Door Tag for tracking information and the next delivery attempt date.

Why Vship is holding my parcel?

You can place your package at Vship (UPS, DHL, and FedEx) near your home for a variety of reasons:

1. Delivery missed?

You are not at home and your signature is required for delivery.

2. Hold the holiday:

If you place a temporary holiday hold through Vship Delivery Manager, delivery to your residential address within the specified date range will be

for up to 14 days. We will resume normal delivery on the first working day after your specified expiration date. To remove a vacation hold, use the Vship Delivery Manager.

What to do if a package is lost, damaged, or missing?

Use our online tool to file a claim on our website for each shipment that is missed, lost, or damaged.

What to do if my package is not yet arrived?

Track your package to access the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding every single delivery. If the tracking page indicates that your shipment is timely, please use the ‘Estimated Delivery Date’ as a guide to when your shipment should arrive.

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