Are you going to place your order with Vship Express? Or have you ever had trouble packing your parcel in the past? The purpose of these comprehensive detailed guidelines is to give you some helpful tips on, how to package a parcel and where to put the address on the parcel.

If you are shipping a parcel or bulk parcel, Vship Express is here to assist you in getting your goods on the roads smoothly.

Here are the few basic tips you should focus on while packaging any parcel,

  1. Make sure to select a good-quality parcel box.
  2. Leave some space in the box and fill the protective cushions or stuff to ensure maximum protection of your item.
  3. Please avoid wrapping your parcel with ribbon and gift paper.
  4. Do not use the damaged box, as it will not support your shipment.
  5. Make sure to use dividers or separators when packing glass life stuff.
  6. Remove all the previous tags and labels from the box.
  7. Do not use any other material other than cardboard boxes.
  8. Seal the box with an “H” shaped tapping.
  9. Cover all the edges of the parcel.
  10. For items like rolled paper, always use triangular-shaped cardboard tubes.
  11. Fragile objects need to be labeled and packed correctly.
  12. Use a good quality padded envelope for sending small items.
  13. Avoid using circular tubes for rolled papers, as this is hard to handle.

How To Label A Parcel?

  • When preparing your package box for the courier, do not just follow the packaging instructions. There are also some guidelines regarding labeling your boxes.
  • By properly labeling your cargo, you ensure that your cargo is handled appropriately, that your cargo complies with the required shipping regulations, that receivers can identify your shipment, and that you meet safety standards.
  • When printing your labels, please make sure everything is clear and you do not fold the part with the barcode so that the barcode is scanned properly.
  • You must remove all old labels to avoid any errors in the shipping process.
  • Please do not paste the tape on your label.
  • Please keep in mind that incorrect labeling can lead to delays, shipping damage, or, in the worst case, damage, which can cost a lot of money and time.
  • Please check that the recipient details are displayed correctly on your shipping label. It contains the following information:
  • Origin & Destination
  • Company Name (if needed)
  • Full Address
  • Street name and house number
  • Zip or Postal code
  • Mobile or Telephone number
  • Parcel Return address
  • Please note that if you pack 2 or more parcels together, they will not be delivered.
  •  Each box requires its label.
  • In the next step, you need to add a shipping label to your parcel so that the information is visible and clear.
  •  Using self-adhesive labels to print your labels will simplify your shipping process and make things easier for you.

General Packaging Guidelines

  • Use Vship Express packaging for shipment.
  • Package shipping only; any other use is prohibited.
  • If the boxes are rigid you can use your packaging‌
  • You must have chipboard boxes such as a gift or shoeboxes
  • The item should be packed in a corrugated outer box.
  • Use double-wall good-quality boxes for bulky items.
  • Place small packages inside a large outer box.
  •  For Vship Express shipment 18 cm x 10 cm x 5 cm. Smaller than (7 “x 4” x 2 “), use the Vship Express packaging option.
  • Double box for delicate ones with • 8 cm (3 “) cushioning in and around the small box.
  • Wrap the items one by one.
  • Place the item in the center of the boxes away from other objects and away from edges, top, corners, and bottom of the box.
  • Mention the recipient’s address and phone number inside the package before sealing.
  • Remove all old address labels if you are reusing the boxes before shipping, and make sure there are no holes, tears in the outer box, or dents in the corner.
  • Keep the liquid storage bottles upright.
  • Keep items that are more perishable than usual handlings such as dumping, marking, or application.
  • An adhesive label on the protective outer box.
  • For odd or irregularly shaped objects, at least you wrap and tape all sharp edges or protrusions.
  • Attach an additional label, business card, or letterhead with proper shipper address and phone number and

Vship Express Recommendation

  • Maximum allowable gross weight per package is68 kg (150 lbs.) for most FedEx Express overnight services including packaging and refrigerant.
  • Avoid transporting perishable items on damaged days.
  • We recommend that you package the perishable items one by one.
  • The minimum shipping time is 30 hours.
  • Transportation is required on weekends or vacations.


  • We recommend refrigerants such as gel coolants and dry to cool or freeze ice * perishable products.
  •  However, Do not use dry ice as a refrigerant for live seafood such as lobsters; Use gel coolant instead.
  •  Disadvantages, including weight and special waterproof packaging requirements, can be used if previously approved by Vship Express.
  • Please call your local Customer service team for details.


  • All the insulation materials are made with an expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam, rigid polyurethane foam, and reflective materials (Radiant Barrier Films).
  • We recommend insulation to reduce heat transfer through the walls of the packaging container.

General Packaging Perishable

  • Package to Face Handling in Shipment in different locations and destinations.
  • Use a good refrigerant to keep products inside the required temperature range. Use gel coolant for 0 C (32 F) and 16 C. Middle refrigeration products (60 F). Use dry ice, for frozen items.

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