File a claim for Vship Express, Freight, or ground shipments anytime. Filing is easy and fast.

How to file a claim?  Easy step-by-step guidelines that you need to follow.

Follow these simple and clear instructions to claim for Vship Express, Vship Ex Freight & Vship Express Ground shipments:

  • Inside Canada
  • Canada to other destinations
  • The US from Canada

For goods originating outside the US Canada (excluding Canada), contact Vship Express International Customer Service through our given contacts.

Contact on:

We are live 24’7 for our close to heart customers.

There are some simple steps that you need to follow to file a claim without any error.

  • Step 1: Complete fill the online claim form.
  • Step 2:  Attach all the supporting documentation that is needed to file a claim.
  • Step 3: Review the claim form.
  • Step 4: Submit the form once it’s done.
  • Step 5: Schedule an inspection or conduct your own.
  • Step 6: Track the progress and status of your filed claim.

Step 1: Complete fill the online claim form.

  1. Complete the online claim form.
  2. Choose your claim type.
  3. Enter your PRO/tracking number.

Step 2:  Attach all the supporting documentation that is needed to file a claim

  • Documentation is not required for any claims with a declared value of less than $ 90.
  • Drag and drop documents to your claim from your computer. Required supporting documents may include:
  • Vship Express US Airbnb, Vship Express Ship Manager, ‌ Printouts and/or Vship Express Ground Pickup Record Scans
  • Photos and damaged contents of the package (if applicable).
  • A serial number of lost or damaged items.
  • Proof of value documents, such as:
  • Copy of the original invoice from the supplier/seller.
  • Copy of Retail Invoice / Receipt
  • Final confirmation screen if online order with proof of payment
  • Itemized repair invoice or non-repair statement
  • Assessment (s) – Cost statement

Step 3: Submit the form once it’s done

  • Review the form again.
  • Review all the data and information.
  • Submit the claim form.
  • Take a print of the case number page for your record.

Step 4: Schedule an inspection

  • We will let you know if your claim needs to be heard.
  •  Keep the original packaging of the shipment (including cartons and contents) for inspection and keep them until your claim is settled.
  • If you are in the US, you can check your package for Vship Express or Vship Express ground shipments with a declared value of more than $ 90 and less than $ 1,000.
  •  Download and complete the inspection report (401 Kb PDF).
  •  Upload and attach any digital images of the content sent with your shipment packaging and/or inspection report.
  •  Submit online or email the full report and pictures to the email address provided on the form.

Step 5: Track the progress and status of your filed claim

  • Log in to check and track the status of your claim online.
  • You can request email updates anytime.
  • Log in to Vship Express with simple clicks.
  • View your claim anytime.
  • You can schedule reporting and can view the claim anytime by opening the report form.

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