• These conditions of carriage are for the safety and benefits of both, the company & the sender.
  • All the senders should read out & understand these conditions carefully.
  • If needed you can easily get insurance coverage to protect their interests.
  • All the shipments are subject to local tariff & the conditions of the Vship express subsidiary, any brand, or independent contractors which accept the shipments.


Business Delivery

  • Delivery will be made to commercial or business premises.
  • The deliveries will be excluding, homes & private residences.

The Sender Or The Shipper

  • This is a person who ships or sends any parcel.
  • A person who book the shipment.
  • A legal person.

The Consignee Or The Recipient

A person who will receive the parcel.


  • This means any kind of parcel which is booked for delivery.
  • Any courier that you book for the shipment on the specific location.

An Air Waybill (AWB)

  • An air waybill or air consignment note is a kind of printed receipt.
  •  This is issued for the parcels by V ship express.
  • This is a kind of evidence of the contract of the shipment.
  • This is a shipping document, the electronic stamped record for the shipment data.

Residential Delivery

  • This means a delivery that needs to be shipped to home or any private residency of any person.
  • This can include any business location that runs home-based.
  • This is a delivery where the sender wants to deliver at the sender’s home.

Business Day

  • This means those working days on which the business is open for the region and the country.
  • Means working days for that region.
  • Business days (Working days), holidays are not the same for all regions & countries.
  • In case of any issue or delay in shipment, please contact to Vship Express support team.

Shipment Charges

  • Amount of money which Vship express will take for your shipment.
  • The charges are not the same for all parcels.
  • Charges may vary, from location to location & weight of the parcel.
  • Vs express is committed to providing you with a proper list & details about charges.
  • We will offer up to a 70% discount on your every shipment.
  • We will offer many discounts with time.


  • Select the shipment service through Vship express and get up to 70% more discounts.
  • We are partnered with FedEx, UPS & DHL.
  • You can book your shipment with any of these services through our website & can avail more than 70% discount every time.
  • Once you receive our loyalty card, you will be able to receive more discounts and bonus points.
  • All the charges are updated on our website.
  • Vship Express shipment charges do not include taxes, duties, customs clearance charges, or any other extra export or import charges.
  • Vship Express reserve the full right to revise the charges to maintain the quality service.

Invoice Adjustments

  • Vship Express may audit each AWB to properly verify the service that you have selected & packaging/ shipment.
  • If the service selected or the weight entered is incorrect, Vship Express will take this seriously & will make all the required adjustments to the invoice at any time & will be entitled to charge a special handling fee to make such amendments & corrections.
  • We will be responsible for the special handling of your shipment.


  • Bill shipper or Bill sender means the charges will be paid by the sender.
  • Bill Consignment or bill recipient means the charges will be paid by the receiver or recipient of the parcel.
  • Bill third party, this means the charges will be made by someone other than the sender or the recipient.
  • This third parties valid Vship Express account number will be entered on the air Waybill.
  • If this is not entered then the or in case the third party does not make the payment, then the transportation charges will automatically be billed to the sender.


  • For all the bill sender, third party, or bill recipient transactions, parcels will not be accepted until & unless a valid Vship Express Account Number is entered on the air Waybill.
  • These Account Numbers are non-transferable.
  • Unauthorized consolidation and misuse of shipments if made by different parties, may result in a loss of all discounts & services.
  • The account holder is responsible for the safety of the account details.
  • In case you fail to keep your account secure, this may result in the account being placed on a “Cash only” status.
  • This may create delays in your shipment due to payment.
  • The parcel can be returned or rejected until the payments are clear.

Rejection Or Refusal Of The Shipment

  • Vship Express holds the full right to cancel, return or hold any shipment anytime.
  • The rejection or refusal of any shipment will be based on a few things,
    1. Found as some fraud.
    2. Illegal parcel.
    3. Violating the rules.
    4. Violating the law and conditions.
    5. If the payments are not made.
    6. If that shipment will cause damage to other shipments as well.

Prohibited Products

Please read it very carefully to have a clear understanding of which products are prohibited to be shipped by Vship Express.

  • All kinds of explosive materials.
  • Weapons.
  • Fire products.
  • Ammunition & their parts.
  • Products that resemble, a bomb & any explosive device.
  • Live animals include insects or pets.
  • Dead animals.
  • Wet products (ice cream or water).
  • Tobacco products.

Vship Express reserves the full right to reject all the prohibited products, however accepted them mistakenly or accidentally, we reserve the full liabilities to reject that.

Export Controls

  • Vship Express does not transport any shipment that violates the export controls law.
  • We highly follow and work according to the world export control rules & regulations to ensure high-quality services.
  • The sender should accept the export term & conditions to avail of our service.
  • The violation of any export law can bring you in danger due to the rule violation and we will call it a “criminal case”.

Inspections Of The Shipments

  • Upon the request of the legal authorities, inspecting of the shipments can be made without notice at any time.
  • Following proper regulations, the Vship Express is required to undertake random scanning & x-ray screening.
  • We may undertake such screening and the recipient & sender hereby waive any kind of possible claims for delays or damages.

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