• Vship Express face all the changes and deal with the situation in very smooth and smart ways.
  • We promise to face all the shipment challenges.
  • We ensure the safest and smooth shipment of each parcel.
  • We are super committed to time management and our agreement.
  • We accept your request and work accordingly.
  • Vship Express has policies to,
    1. Face the challenges.
    2. Being more sustainable.
    3. Sensitive-temperature shipping.
    4. Integrating technology.
    5. Improving the time to market.

Being more sustainable

  • Let’s build a more sustainable world together.
  • Vship Express is at the forefront of companies working to address sustainability challenges in the most efficient and responsible ways.
  • In every aspect of our business, we are constantly striving to make innovations, collaborations, and more. And we are here to help you achieve your sustainability goals.
  • We are committed to providing customers with more sustainable solutions, more efficient packaging, more connections worldwide, and helping to find more ways to take action and give back.

We create connections around the world

  • Vship Express as a Global Leader in Logistics, offer a wide range of supply chain solutions including packaging and freight forwarding, facilitating international trade, and applying advanced technology to manage the business world more efficiently.
  • Whether you are a big business worldwide or a cottage industry in a growing market, we use our expertise and innovations to build strong, connected communities around the world.
  • We help our nearly 11 million daily customers become more efficient in their shipping and logistics operations and we help you too.

Capabilities to make a different world

  • We maintain efficiency at every turn and invest in alternative fuels and advanced technology vehicles to find more sustainable solutions with less environmental impact. And we can help you measure, manage and mitigate your weather impact.
  • We have adopted a global, enterprise-wide approach to reducing greenhouse gas emissions – from our aircraft to our facilities.
  • Our customized network is a unified system that manages all our services by building a strong connection between our company, our partners, and the planet.

We have partnered with manufacturers, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to continue their efforts.

Vship Express empowers people

  • They are their best to us and we call them our people.
  • That is why we develop programs and partnerships to maintain an environment where all employees feel valued, respected, and fully engaged.
  • That’s why we invest time, resources and money in health and safety training every year.
  •  By supporting and ensuring that our inner culture is connected, we can work to create a common world culture.
  • Our sustainability commitment is delivered through 491,100 Vship Express worldwide.
  •  By volunteering and collaborating with local communities daily they support our culture of philanthropy so that we can become a more responsible organization.
  •  They see obstacles as overcoming challenges and they create innovative and inspiring solutions.

Vship Express put the power of expert shipping to work

  • Whether you are an entrepreneur or an organization, Vship equipment and technologies can help you build capacity, focus control, reduce costs, and increase productivity.
  •  Explore the different types of our shipping services to suit your business needs.
  •  With more convenience and better insight, you will have peace of mind that you are shipping what is best for your business.
  • Stay one step ahead of your competition and reach out to your customers with the strength of the Vship Express Global Network.
  • That means 200,000 people are working in 120 countries or territories with the same goal: to make your parcel delivery services work in line with your logistical and competitive advantage.

Vship Express Import Control

  • Crossing boundaries requires coordination, consent, and considerable paperwork. If these pieces do not align as expected, you may see customs delays.
  • Strengthening up the import process—Vship Express import control allows you to manage costs more efficiently and reduce delays.
  • Our international shipping solution will help you:
  • Control speed and budget requirements when importing from global suppliers.
  • Prevent unauthorized charges from distributing your account number to exporters.
  • Limit delays or additional fees and taxes when you control the creation and validation of commercial invoices.
  • Synchronize your supply chain by controlling imports from multiple suppliers.

Parcel returns

  • Keep our comprehensive revenue portfolio and reverse logistics capabilities to work for your business, be it retail, high tech, manufacturing, or healthcare.
  •  With capabilities such as channel management, process automation, e-commerce site integration and better security, cycle times, after-sales support, and inventory management, you can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty by influencing your bottom-line results.
  • Having a responsive, efficient, and easy parcel refund process is essential to receive customer expectations, control costs – and even speed up critical recalls.

An online shipping center

  • Whoever is shipping what, how much is its price, are the most moving parts to handle your company shipping.
  • Focus on your shipping process and gain time and cost control with Vship Express.
  •  It is the simplest yet most powerful online solution for businesses transporting orders across buildings and multiple premises.
  • Fully browser-based, does not require installation or expensive updates, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime.

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