Internation Shipping is now easier with Vship Express.

  • Learn the basics of Vship Express international shipping and prepare your shipment with these resources & tools.
  • Learn how to ship internationally and make your shipment process easier.
  • Make sure you have all the important documents and details covered by using easy to follow guide on how you can easily send the shipment internationally.

How does international shipping work?

  • Shipping a product, care package or perishable item overseas can seem very difficult, the process is similar to shipping a package domestically.
  • There are noticeable differences in the amount of paperwork to be completed and delivery options, but the overall shipping process remains the same.
  •  Vship Express is here to assist you in overseas shipping; below are the simple and major steps you need to follow,
  • Step 1– Ensure that the products can be shipped as planned.
  • Step 2– Determine the terms of sale & select a customs broker.
  • Step 3– understand the need for required documents.
  • Step 4– collect all the important information.
  • Step 5– create a proper and complete international label.
  • Step 6– Submit and complete the required documents.
  • Step 7– Pack your parcel properly.
  • Step 8– Book your shipment with Vship Express.
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  • We are officially partnered with UPS, Fed Ex & DHL to help you in all kinds of local & international shipments.

1. Ensure that the products can be shipped as planned

  • Many factors determine which kind of goods can be transported across national borders and who can receive certain types of goods.
  •  You can find detailed and up-to-date information on export and import requirements of more than 120 countries.
  • Depending on your shipment content and the restrictions of the country you are exporting to, you will also need to obtain an export license or ECCN number following the Export Administration Regulations (EAR).
  • Vship Express also has specific requirements for what kind of products should be subject to additional shipping restrictions or restricted from shipping internationally.
  • Examples include clay, switchblade knives, African ivory, and Kinder Surprise eggs.
  • Some parties are also prohibited from accepting the shipment.
  • You can check your recipient information with the tool in Vship Express Global Trade Manager to make sure you are not shipping to an unapproved parcel.
  • If a valid export license is required to export your shipment or your shipment exceeds $ 1,500, the Electronic Export Information (EEI) must be entered through the Automated Export System (AES).

2. Determine the terms of sale & select a customs broker

  • Customs brokers assist in clearing all kinds of customs duties on shipments without delay or holdups.
  •  If there is a problem, the broker of your choice will work on your behalf to resolve it.
  • The seller (often the shipper/exporter) and the buyer (often the importer/buyer) must determine the terms of sale, also known as international trade terms.
  •  These terms specify where ownership is transferred from seller to buyer during shipping.
  • The transfer point directly decides how much any party will pay, as well as insurance, clearance, broker selection, specific documentation obligations, and customs clearance after delivery.
  • Vship Express International Services includes brokers for shipments with a declared customs value of $ 400,000 or less.
  • However, both you and the shipment importer/recipient may choose your own non-Vship Express broker.

3. understand the need for required documents

  • Customs documents required for each shipment vary depending on the source, destination, and shipping item.
  •  Use Vship Express International Shipping Support to make sure you have the right documents to attempt successfully clear customs.
  • The most common international document required for undocumented, commodity-based shipments is a commercial invoice.
  • It provides information to customs officials, which assists them in assessing whether goods can be moved in or out of the country and, if any, whether restrictions are necessary.
  •  It helps them in determining tariffs and taxes.
  •  Other general documents include Pro Pharma invoices (for shipment of free goods such as product models, catalogs, or non-marketable products), certificates of origin, and packing lists.

4. collect all the important information’s

  • Before creating your international shipping label and customs documents, make sure you have valid and enough information’s to address these questions,
  • What is your product value?
  • What is the purpose of your shipping?
  • Are you willing to ship any document or item?
  • What is the product manufacturing state?
  • Estimate taxes and duties.
  • Who will be the importer of your product?
  • Who is going to pay taxes and transportation charges?

5. create a proper and complete international label

  • You can prepare and complete the international shipping label and any other required document through our website online service or you can visit our location during working hours.
  • We are open to facilitating you to complete your documentation.
  • We are open on mentioned working days.
  • Make sure to visit us on given working hours.

6. Submit and complete the required documents

  • Keep and create proper documentation.
  • When the documentation is properly done, make sure to submit them on time.
  • A good and detailed description must address the following questions for each item that you want to ship,
  • What is its intended usage?
  • What is this item?
  • Quantity?
  • What is the manufacturer’s country?

7. Pack your parcel properly

  • Pack according to our published packaging guidelines.
  • Vship Express have comprehensively shared the detail about product packaging.
  • Go through that document to have a clear understanding of the proper packing and packaging of your parcel.

8. Book your shipment with Vship Express

  • Book your shipment anytime with Vship Express.
  • You can book us online or can visit us.
  • Vship Express gives to an amazing option to select our partnered shipping and logistic service for your shipment.
  • We offer you a parcel pickup service as well, call us we will collect the parcel from your doorstep anytime.

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